Above Him

Chants Echoing In Ruins

Prayers Turned Into Curses

Cursed To Condemn Us To Hell

Curses To Bring Us Misery

What We Gave To Them

Forgiveness Is Forgotten

Chants Repeat The Same Weeping

Asking And Hoping Their God

Tu Punish And Exterminate Unbelievers

Whe Have Killed Him. We Are Above Him

We Are Gods Of This Moment

Crushing The Throne

That Has Been Built

Of Bones Of Unbelievers

These Are The Hands What Strangled

Last Breath From Holy Belief


Hunt for the guilty ones
gas chamber, burning pits on the ground
bony creatures standing in front of rifles
sound of death echoing from distance
tear blurred eyes watching from other side of barbwire
stigmatized by not belonging to the rest
heritage of being seed of suspicion

Extinction, turns new page in history

Savage tribal war
ethnic cleansing, systematic terror
mass rape, torture and death
rotting corpses laying under scorning sun


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