Marc de Buur


Marc de Buur was born on 20 February 1983 in a provincial town in Saxony. He spent the first two years of his life in a small place called Nerchau. His father worked in the long-distance traffic business and this was the reason why Marc and his family moved to Leipzig.

Away from the provincial town life now, Marc and his family had to get used to the city, which wasn’t difficult at all. Of course he also had to come to the pleasure of an education and so Marc attended to the elemantary and later to the secundary school.

Electronic Music fascinated Marc since being a teenager. In the year 1994 he was an eager radio junkie of the cult radio station « Energy of Saxony », listening and recording every Saturday evening broadcast. In the end of 1998 Marc began spinning records as a DJ, starting also creating his first musical projects at this time.

In summer, 2005 he founded the „Clubtune DJ-Team“ with a colleague, now the success of this project brought hom to a record contract with RGMusic Records, followed by the production of the album « ecstasy » and the single « Stay » in the same year, reaching even rank 2 of the Progressively trance charts on DanceTunes.

The project « Marc de Buur » started in the 7/1/2007 with the label Globaltraxx Records, and records till now a steady increase of musical success. Remixes for ATB, S.E.X. Appeal feat. Lyane Leigh, DJ LOONY SR and DJ Sunyo are only a small contribution of the up to now performed ones. Now it goes forward with my music what is very gratifying to him, because he puts a lot of effort, time and love in his productions. He looks confidently into the future and keeps you always informed!

Greetz and Beatz







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