PASSION CLUBLAND RADIO – The Mix Channel NetWork Radio 1


DJ Passion born in the year 1974 is starting DJ-ing on the age of fifteen.

In the year 1998 he had his first big performance in Club City Hall at Utrecht and because this DJ have create is own music style DJ Passion was ask for more performance all across the country from Amsterdam till Den Haag and from Rotterdam till Heerlen with famous DJ’s like DJ Jochem Miller.

In the many years of DJ-ing DJ Passion have seen many clubs where he played at and some of them he still do. Music is a part of his lifestyle, so DJ Passion is starting producing when he was on the age of twenty.

In the year 2009 DJ Passion is ask to play on Pussy radio in England, he started his own weekly radio show called: “Club Land”. It went a major success for 2 years, then the Pussy radio stopped.

But already in the Netherlands they had heard about his radio show and this DJ/Producer is ask to do “Club Land” live on Network radio 1 radio purmerend climaxradio usa.

Now at this time his show is a major success as well.

DJ Passion loves to do his live radio program and will never stop doing that.


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